Mexican campestre style cuisine

Family mexican restaurant & Cantina


Located in East Kingston, Jalisco brings the authentic taste of Mexico to the entire family.


Jalisco opened in Winter of 2018 and is located right off of Route 108 in East Kingston, NH. Award winning Chef Miguel and his counterpart Cris have been serving both quality interpretations of classic Mexican dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Mexican food. Cris comes from Jalisco, Mexico and does a fantastic job of bringing the food and culture to the small town of East Kingston.

Jalisco is one of the most important states in Mexico because of it's natural resources as well as it's history. Many of the characteristic traits of Mexican culture, particularly outside Mexico City, are originally from Jalisco. Culture such as Mariachi, Ranchera Music, Birria, Tequila, Jariepo, etc. Jalisco is a large and heavily populated Mexican state. It includes Guadalajara (Mexico's 2nd biggest city) as well as Puerto Vallartaon the coast. Amongst his Travels around Jalisco, Cris found that the best regional food came from campestre style restaurants, meaning rural or rustic.



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89 Main Street
East Kingston, NH 03827

Right off Route 107



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